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Memories Dream and the Grid

Grid wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, “THE ELEVATOR! NO HANK!” a few days before his 19th birthday. He’d just had his first nightmare, the first of two. To date, all of his dreams had been unusually pleasant. And, until a few days before Grid’s 19th birthday,

Memories Dream and the Grid Vol 1
Gordon with Hat

A Word From The Author

 I was born in Montreal in the 60s and grew up in the suburb of Chomedey Laval through the 70s and 80s.It wasn’t until my late teens that the desire to write emerged. I dabbled for many years while life got in the way of my dreams. It’s been a great life – a charmed life in some ways. But at the age of 56, I decided it could not be a full life without pursuing my dream to be a novelist. It’s been a journey, a journey of discovery and knowledge. I discovered the difference between a storyteller and a writer. And I pursued the knowledge to evolve into the latter. I was fortunate to have worked with a professional editor, book reviewer and author. 

Gordon Plotkin

Memories Dream and the Grid Vol II

Memories Dream and the Grid: Vol II

Our story continues with The Brothers and The Sporty Boys enlisted in the Royal Canadian Army with Major Waltz as their commander. It’s WWII. The lads are itching for action. Waltz warns them to be careful what they wish for as the Dieppe Raid – Grid’s dream that never really starts – is about to become Mike’s nightmare.
Follow Waltz and his Squad as they take part in The Italy Campaigns, and cross paths with Leopold Schultz.

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Enter into the World of Holocaust Fiction That Will Keep You on the Edge of your Seat!

It has been many years since Holocaust fiction books attempted to establish their legitimacy in the face of the demand that a fictional text is either inadequate, inappropriate or even dangerous for representing Nazi genocide during WWII. Nonetheless, some of the issues raised concerning what an artistic demonstration may be understood to represent and at what cost remain relevant to our full appreciation of the best Holocaust literature. Author Gordon Plotkin’s literary fiction book “Memories Dream And The Grid” is a collection of narratives representing major historical events with an enthralling fiction story that gives the edge-of-the-seat feeling.

If readers are not taught about the Holocaust novel, how can they be expected to become knowledgeable leaders, responsible educators, and wise citizens? Author Gordon Plotkin takes readers into the world of Holocaust fiction, where the lead character must decipher the perplexing dream that haunts him days before his 19th birthday. Plotkin has immaculately drafted a page-turner story that keeps the readers guessing in utter intrigue about how Grid would finally unravel the mind-shocking mystery behind his dreams.

Plotkin’s riveting historical fiction reveals that learning the facts and mysteries about the Holocaust has become more important than ever. The entire background of the holocaust fiction books gives an insight into the survivors’ tragic tales and anecdotes about their deaths.

One of the central elements portrayed in Gordon Plotkin’s historical fiction book series is the riveting events of WWII. The book’s protagonist, Grid, embarks on a journey to find answers about the characters Mike and Hank, who weren’t brothers in his dreams, and learn ground-shaking facts about them… Holocaust books have a fascinating potential to blur the line between imaginative engrossment and a more challenging kind of sympathy or identification, which runs the possibility of displacing the victims of the brutality and vindicating the guilt of those responsible for the war.

Un-Put-Down-Able Read that Depicts Many Historical Events with the Fine Touch of Fiction

 Good news for all Historical fiction fans, Author Gordon Plotkin’s best historical fiction will let you dive deep into the enthralling events of WWII and will compel you to immerse yourself in a historically fictional world outlined by actual events. The author presents these riveting tales in his unique style and portrays them in a three-dimensional narrative about three generations of a family against the background of dramatic historical events—an exciting tale of trials and traditional values, love, and struggle. Readers will experience life’s sorrows, joys, and perplexities in different times and places.

Who’d want a time machine when you can read a fantastic piece of historical fiction (or a time travel novel) in the comfort of your home? Memories Dreams and The Grid by Gordon Plotkin delves deep into historical fiction and describes how the plot takes place in a setting from the past. It might be too broad, and that’s because one of the best aspects of historical fiction books is how the narratives can be creative and diverse. Plotkin’s best literary fiction book series ranks among the best-sellers in literary fiction, covering a wide range of stories, perspectives, and events, from historical enigmas to period romances to epic dramas to fantasies. Reading these riveting stories will teach you some (true) facts, so it’s a win-win scenario!

 Memories Dreams and The Grid (4 book series) are classics that rank among the best books of all time, so if you have been looking for some good holocaust books, you will certainly be intrigued by the storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Before diving deep into the story of Grid and his enthralling escapades, you would want to double-check the actualities and turn to a trusted source for profound topics, such as these nonfiction historical novels and Holocaust books. With that in mind, prepare to engross your mind in another time and place.

What Readers Are Saying

A layered tale of gifted young men who’s special abilities are passed down through generations. Always using their powers for good against bullies, thieves and Nazis.

Chris D

A dynamic and engaging story

The author, in his own unique style, presents a three-dimensional narrative about three generations of a family, against the backdrop of the dramatic historical events.
An exciting story of trials and traditional values, love and struggle.

mike fedorovsky

Captivating story with an intriguing plot

I love the characters and how they interact with each other. the dialogue is snappy, sentimental and funny all at once. I always feel like something is looming. I’m looking forward to Volume 2.


I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for volume 2.

A complex story about talented young men whose unique talents are passed down through the generations. Constantly using their abilities for good, they fight Nazis, bullies, and thieves.


Literary Fiction Books that Dive Deep into Riveting Historical Events

Literary fiction is a fluid category that has easily overlapped with various genres over the last few decades. Even though its definition is broad, Literary Fiction books have distinct characteristics.

In Vol II of Memories Dreams and The Grid, the story continues of The Mike and Hank Brothers and The Sporty Boys enlist in the Royal Canadian Army, with Major Waltz serving as their commander. It’s World War II. The lads are antsy for action. Waltz warns them to be careful what they wish for, as the Dieppe Raid, Grid’s unfulfilled dream, is about to become Mike’s nightmare. Readers will read the enthralling tales of Waltz and his squad as they participate in the Italy Campaigns and come into contact with Leopold Schultz.

In contrast to genre fiction, which is plot-driven from Romance to Dystopian Horror, historical fiction book series is always character-driven, like in Plotkin’s riveting literary fiction book. Any action in the story affects the main character or characters, and understanding this impact is the entire point of the story. The overall tone of Plotkin’s Holocaust book is introspective. As a result, literary fiction is always a study of the human condition, frequently exploring difficult social or political issues that govern our lives.

Popular Holocaust Books with Intriguing Storyline and Fascinating Characters

With several genera taking charge of the literary world, Holocaust fiction is dismissed and is considered a relic of the past that is a good fit for history textbooks or museum exhibits only. However, the devastation and destruction it caused continue today, making Holocaust novels important to read. Author Gordon Plotkin’s popular holocaust books has taken the marketplace by storm as avid nonfiction books readers have shared their reviews and insights on this fascinating book series that describes the horrors of the Holocaust.

So set course to immerse yourself in these best literary fiction books with endearing characters and their compelling stories of hopes and dreams, anxieties, humor, and resilience, and unravel the mysteries behind these mind-engrossing stories that will keep you turning the pages till you finish reading the book! Gordon Plotkin’s historical fiction series is available on the author’s website and Amazon in Kindle Edition, Paperback, and Hardcover formats.

Memories Dream and the Grid Vol III

Memories Dream and the Grid: Vol III

Days before his 19th birthday, Grid awakes in the middle of the night screaming, “THE ELEVATOR! NO HANK!”
He had just endured his first nightmare – his first of two. His dreams had been unusually pleasant to date – all of them. And until days before Grid’s 19th Birthday the protagonists were people he didn’t know, or so he thought.

Every night since his second birthday, Grid would dream about Mike and Hank, The Brothers who weren’t really Brothers, the main characters of what played out like a series of movies in Grid’s head every night as he slept. He had wondered as a child what it was all about. When he asked his mother,