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“Memories Dream and the Grid” – The latest Best Literary Fiction Books Sensation

Literary fiction sounds like a complex term. However, it refers to a category of novels that may be classified as laying greater stress on the style and characters of the story as compared to the plot. Since the beginning of the 20th century, literary fiction has made a shift to study human nature in greater detail. Following the horrors witnessed in WWII, this genre pushed the boundaries further.

One new series that is turning out to be one of the Best Literary Fiction Books has already made an impression in the market. In a short time, it has become the sensation of many readers who love to read about literary fiction with a touch of suspense.

Also, if you are looking to read a series that explores human behavior and character in detail and how it transforms with an unexpected turn of events, then don’t miss this series.  Readers who have already gone through this series have a lot to say about the author, Gordon Plotkin.

Here are the important aspects of the series that will keep you aching for more and more once you start reading the first book in the series.

An Unpredictable Narrative Keeps the Suspense Alive in this Best Literary Fiction Book Series

So, talking about what makes this series a prestige category, there are many reasons. To begin with, it does not follow a loose or predictable narrative. By not adhering to the rules that books with an expected ending follow, readers are left with the possibility of anything happening. The book may proceed with an exciting plot or turn into something that unnerves the reader.

This unpredictable style keeps the suspense alive in the novel, and the readers are left guessing about the different possibilities and future events in the series, thereby keeping them interested in the novel. This is a far cry from other forms of genre, such as genre fiction, in which the story always proceeds with a predictable ending. Plotkin has added plenty to the series to keep the readers guessing about future events.

Plotkin Utilizes Creative Storytelling Techniques to Keep your Interest Alive

This series is also different than other ordinary books in the sense that creative storytelling techniques have been utilized to keep the readers wanting to learn more and more about the plot and the characters. Plotkin’s story reveals a plot in which you can never be sure about the direction in which the adventure will take you.

The story pushes the boundary where readers are made to add fire to their sense of imagination. It keeps them involved in a world of imagination where they delve back in time to imagine the time their forefathers witnessed. If you love a historical setting, then this story will prove to be the Best Literary Fiction Book for you.

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A Series that Explores Human Nature and Behavior Amidst an Unexpected Turn of Events

Plotkin has not attempted to keep the readers glued to the book through light entertainment but has rather made the plot introspective when it comes to attaining its goals. He tries to make sense of the story’s setting and characters by exploring the human condition of the characters, especially the protagonist, Grid.

The writing is remarkable in the sense that it has the power to define memorable characters. The more you dive into the story, the more you like the main characters. The protagonist has been subjected to intense character study, which makes the readers like him. This keeps the readers wanting to know more about the character. This is what makes the story loved and admired by the readers, thereby being dubbed by many as the Best Literary Fiction Book.

Fun to Read Despite Exploring the Complex Human Condition Topic

Literary fiction works based on human behavior can sometimes be challenging to read. However, this series draws a fine line while dealing with the subject matter so that the readers are not left uncomfortable while thinking of the issues highlighted in the book. There are no such instances of passages in the book that would create a situation in which the readers would want to exit or read through quickly.

While drawing on the story of the protagonist and his family roots, it relies on the symbolism of family links to convey a deeper meaning to the readers. In other words, the series offers a meaning that is deeper and more impactful to the readers.

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Plotkin Brilliantly Defines How Unexpected Events Change Human Characters

In an interesting turn of events, Plotkins has unleashed a plot where the protagonist undergoes a change in character for none other than the reason of having been exposed to a secret previously unknown to him. The book explores the character as the story continues to progress.

The plot narrated in this series does not rely extensively on the main character’s actions. It also focuses on how the events act as a catalyst in the life of the main character. This change in character brought about by changes in events makes the readers dive deeper and deeper into the story.

If you like reading, then make this winter memorable by reading this series. It has all the fire required to be classified as one of the Best Literary Fiction Books of modern times.