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Dive into Secret of Dreams: Popular Literary Fiction Book Series to Follow

Popular Literary Fiction Books and, in particular, historical fiction has always been intriguing to readers. Having the ability to transport the readers into a world of imagination, books based on history fiction are always a welcoming sight to readers who love a historical account mixed with events that unravel mysteries. One such book series offering readers a respite from the hustle and bustle of real life to a fictional setting where they can detach from the harsh realities of life is “Memories Dream and the Grid,” written by Gordon Plotkin.

Exploring the complexities of human lives and the impact an interaction between families spanning many generations has on people’s lives, this literary fiction series has successfully captivated the hearts and minds of readers who love fiction combined with history. The series is not just an ordinary addition to the huge library of Popular Literary Fiction Books but an extraordinary tale based on the life of the protagonist, Grid.

The series by Gordon is an amazing addition to the Popular Literary Fiction Books genre that explores the life of Grid, who is puzzled by a dream he has about two brothers who, in real life, were not actual brothers but the best of friends. The plot lays bare a series of events through which the protagonist passes to learn about a secret that has remained hidden so far. From grappling with the discovery of the power he possesses to reflecting on the many generations through which the power passed on to him, the life of the protagonist is a tumultuous one as he lives in times of immense suffering when humanity went through one of the history’s most murderous and brutal periods.

Suppose a book on an enigmatic protagonist inspires you. In that case, the character outlined in this novel series will surely prove to be fascinating to you and will continuously fuel your imagination as you skip through each page of the books in this series. The twist in the plot that transforms an ordinary protagonist into someone with extraordinary power is simply one of the triggers that will pump adrenaline through your body. The story interestingly depicts the life of the protagonist, Grid, in ways that keep the eyes of the readers glued to this unique series of Popular Literary Fiction Books.

The beginning of the first book in this Popular Literary Fiction Books series will definitely attract the attention and interest of the readers as the main character finds himself embroiled in a dilemma after having a vivid dream about two brothers who, in actuality, were inseparable friends. As the story progresses, a chain of events allows the main character to learn the truth about his dream that those two individuals were not just friends or two ordinary people but someone with extraordinary powers. Making the plot even more intriguing is the discovery that one of them is Grid’s grandfather.

This series continues to maintain readers’ interest as the protagonist character is further built amidst a plot filled with suspense and thrill. What is baffling and interesting at the same time is the series of events that reveal how Grid is baffled by the discovery of his newfound ability to remember past events, just like a movie. This allows the reader to fuel their imagination with a new perspective on human relations while opening the doors to a unique thinking pattern that is nowhere to be found in other Popular Literary Fiction Books.

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From Grid delving deeper into his family history and roots to how the rich heritage of his family is unraveled and the discovery of a mysterious journal written in Russian by his grandfather’s grandfather, all these fascinating discoveries add a twist that you would not want to miss once you start reading the book. This series of Popular Literary Fiction Books makes the readers go through the discovery of a family secret that demonstrates the protagonist’s rich historical legacy. It surely offers a tumultuous experience that leaves you amused and amazed at the same time as you long to read more and more.

The novel explores this bizarre discovery of a family secret amidst the backdrop of World War II and the brutalities of the Holocaust. Grid’s grandfather and his friend are revealed to be two friends with extraordinary powers with a relationship to a secret organization. With a historical picture spanning the Great War, the story embarks on a tale of human relationships where the world revolves from one of fascination to one of harrowing events.

With war and destruction looming large over the world and casting doubts over the future of humanity, and the protagonist making an unusual discovery of extraordinary power, this is a tale you would want to attend. The mind of the protagonist turns out to be a vault that embodies a vast storage site where memories can be stored and retrieved without any vagueness or obscurity. This is a novel that will not only capture the attention of the audience but also leave the readers inspired to go through their lives and contemplate if they have a special power of their own that can set them apart from others.

Read this series of Popular Literary Fiction Books and invite your imagination to wonder about how an untapped potential in the life of a human being could unearth amazing changes not just in their lives but also in the lives of those who matter to them.